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August 24, 2013

Breathe New Life into Your Trusty Old Sofa

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Old things we own give us immense psychological comfort. The feeling of having something familiar close by keeps us planted to something we are comfortable with. This is clearly demonstrated by the tendency to have an old ‘blankie’ for kids; and maybe this is a similar phenomenon when adults stick to their old furniture as well.

While keeping old furniture may give you psychological comfort that may sometimes feel physical, make no mistake, old sofas do not make for good sofas. Typically, old sofas have flat cushions which give less of a bounce translating to less comfort and more difficulty when standing up. Old cushions are also potential breeding grounds for pests such as cockroaches, lice and ticks. Sitting on poorly padded chairs may cause lower back problems such as chronic pain and scoliosis as well. On top of all of these, old cushions look horrible and make your home look ragged.

It is understandable that while old furniture may no longer be physically the best, the sentimental value attached to some of them may be too much to make replacement acceptable. One simple way to breathe new life into an old and trusted couch is to simply reupholster and replace the cushions. Sofa foam is typically removable through a zipper on the sofa cushion case for cleaning and replacing which makes it easy to change. Keep your favorite sofas by getting a replacement cushion filling for your trusty home companion. High quality replacement foam is widely available in stores and online.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory. If you are looking to revitalize your old furniture by getting new foam inserts, check out The Foam Factory.

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