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September 29, 2013

Quick Repairs for Your Home Water Heater

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Water heaters are a great necessity to many households, not only does it provide us with soothing warm baths but its heat can help kill bacteria. Finding where to purchase a unit is no longer difficult as the web will direct you to suppliers of water heaters. San Jose, California is a good place to purchase a brand new unit of water heater. There are several and quick ways to do your own water heater repair instead of calling for professional help. Oftentimes, the problem is not as serious as you think, all you need to do is to check or replace a few things so your water heater will run just the way it has been.

There are times when the water coming out of your faucet looks brownish in color. Do not panic, it is simply a sign that it is time to replace your water heater’s anode rod. If the water starts to give off a foul scent, the tank may have had a bacterial infection. Simply remove the contents of your tank and fill it with water with hydrogen peroxide. This solution will kill the bacteria living inside your tank’s walls. Leave the solution for a couple of hours and thoroughly clean the tank before filling it up again with water.

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