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September 10, 2013

Reduce Allergy Symptoms with Hypoallergenic Foam Bedding

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Allergens are found everywhere in life, from pets to anything and everything that grows outdoors. Some experience symptoms from synthetics and materials used in the home, while even non-trigger materials can wind up being a warehouse for irritants.

One space that is routinely overlooked by people attempting to combat allergies is the bedroom, even though it’s an area where we generally spend a third of our lives. Having an allergic reaction to one of the materials used in traditional mattresses is surprisingly common, and the presence of dust mites in older beds can substantially boost allergy symptoms. One of the smartest ways to reduce this possibility is through a hypoallergenic foam or latex mattress.

The term hypoallergenic is usually thought to mean totally free of all allergy-causing components. In reality, the term means a reduction in the number of allergens that would normally be present. Therefore, it’s still possible to have an allergy or suffer symptoms with hypoallergenic bedding, but because of the constitution of the materials used, the mattress will house fewer allergens.

Many memory foam and latex natural foam mattress types are considered hypoallergenic, though it has less to do with their makeup than what they allow access into their structures. By virtue of their solid structures, dead skin cells that naturally fall off our bodies at night have a majorly reduced ability to get into the core of a foam mattress. This is important to note, because skin cells are the main food source for dust mites. Mites do not bite humans, but their waste and microscopic bodies cause the respiratory irritation we feel as an allergic reaction. Therefore, materials that reduce the ability of dust mites to survive also reduce the chances of allergies. There are other prevention methods that help individuals who have severe allergy issues, such as mattress covers.

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