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November 1, 2013

Smart Tips For Building a Layered Mattress

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Possibly the greatest benefit to foam mattresses and toppers is the versatility they offer owners. Instead of the one-size-fits all approach traditional mattresses take, different types of foam offer customers the ability to mix and match materials to create a bed that not only is perfect for your sleep needs, but also fits within your budget.

This is done through mattress layering, where two, three, or even four foam materials of varying firmnesses and thicknesses are combined into the same mattress to create a hybrid feel that addresses an individual’s unique comfort and support requirements. This frees people to build a bed that meets their needs, whether they want a lofty, ultra-firm bed, or a low-profile, cloud-like mattress.

The most steadfast rule in foam bedding is to always have your firmest layers on the bottom of a build, and gradually get softer as you reach the comfort layer. You can have the same firmness throughout an entire bed if you choose, but a mattress’ ability to offer proper support is reduced when a firm layer is placed upon a softer base.

The other rule is to not utilize any foam layers less than 2”. Unless an individual is extremely light, foam cannot support the weight of an adult body with only two inches of thickness. Lastly, memory foam layers greater than 4” become unsupportive, as you can sink too deeply into the foam. Following these tips, you can build a custom foam mattress that’s perfect for you, and will last for years.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for foam mattresses, including toppers, pillows, and memory foam products.

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