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August 1, 2012

Unqualified Dietitians

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Today’s vent… I spend hours a day studying my butt off to ensure I know everything I can to not only complete my Dietitian Degree with skill and knowledge but to know as much as I can so that when I am qualified I am able to help every person I come across – no matter what their history, diet challenges or health issues… I, like hundreds/thousands of other Nutrition students every year, spend years and 1000’s of $$$$ to become qualified and knowledgeable enough to help others – MEANWHILE… there are people out there making millions of $$$$ without any studies or qualifications and with no idea on overweight issues as they have never been overweight in their life! Now you would never send your children to a school with unqualified teachers, you would never spend hundreds of $$ on a TV or computer without doing research and without warranty, you wouldn’t give your life savings to a bum on the street and hope they invest it wisely for you…. SO WHY PAY HUNDREDS OF $$$ TO SOMEONE THAT COULDN’T BE BOTHERED LEARNING THE NECESSARY SKILLS AND INFORMATION TO GUIDE YOU WITH YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – IF THEY CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO DO THAT FOR YOU – WHY WOULD YOU THINK YOUR BEST INTERESTS ARE WHAT THEY CARE ABOUT??????

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