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November 25, 2012

Wall Murals – Cover your Walls

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If you have a large office space or even a huge wall space in your home, you could cover it with wall murals to add a little bit of character or color to the space. These murals are popular because they’re easily designed on a computer and can help cover up an otherwise bland working space. Many companies provide these services, but when you’re setting out to install one yourself, it’s important that you find a company with some experience because one wrong move could lead to a giant wall decal being permanently stuck to your wall at a crooked angle.


The first thing you want to figure out when you contact one of these installation companies is what type of size and shape of design would you like. Considering the fact that the sky is the limit, starting with at least a basic idea of what the mural should look like will help the designers fulfill your goal with a lot more ease.

The technology that they use in digital wall covering is very robust and can come up with just about any design imaginable. As said before, having an idea of what it is you’d like to see in your design of decorative glass film before you hire a contractor will help the process go much more smoothly. Companies like Metropolitan West are a great example of a professional window tinting company that also offers a number of features that you can utilize to both cover your walls with a mural as well as with window tinting.

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