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September 29, 2011

Ways to reduce the consumption of salt

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We are all aware that the consumption of too much salt can result in high blood pressure and other complications but that a certain amount is required by the body to regulate fluid and blood pressure. With our lives becoming more busier we are inclined to reach out to convenience foods which are loaded with salt to add flavor. So how can we reduce the amount of salt we consume?

Cook your own meals

Do not add processed foods which contain high sodium levels. Use fresh ingredients and add natural sea salt in moderation, use herbs and spices to add flavor. Do not add extra salt at the table. Use unsalted butter and margarine.

Read labels

There is a lot of hidden sodium in canned foods, cereal, frozen meals and deli meats. Take time to read the labels and select products that have less added sodium.

Ask for less salt when dining out

Request that less salt is added to your food when dining out, even at a fast food outlet ask for less salt on your fries. Do not use additional ketchup, mayo or mustard and especially soya sauce as they all contain salt.

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