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November 22, 2009

The Four Areas of Architectural Interior Design

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There are four elements of architectural interior design when the issue of refurbishment, redevelopment or relocation of a business office area comes up. While getting those four elements to work together in harmony may be difficult, the rewards for success and productivity are great.

When creating a new office space, it is important to incorporate opinions of different types of employees. For example, the way an employee who has to sit at a desk all-day would want the office to look would be different to that of a busy administrator or manager. Corporate executives on the other hand would have a different perspective on the matter. With this example in mind, the four design aspects to consider are appearance, comfort, economy and efficiency.

Appearance: Ensure the office space looks attractive, not only to the visitors but also to the people working there. The right choice of colors, plenty of natural light, space in which to move will all lead to increased productivity and physical and mental well-being.

Comfort: While physical comfort of employees is obvious, ergonomic comfort is important too. Strong or poor lights, distracting reflections on screens, ineffective use of space, can all lead to problems with employees.

Economy: Design an office space, which will help reduce fuel costs, including heating and lighting, and does not sacrifice on the previous two design aspects of comfort and appearance.

Efficiency: Create a layout that increases efficiency. For example, ensure that key service areas are easily accessible and look at the overall shape of the office.

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